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Faro town , capital of Faro dist. and of Algarve, Portugal. The southernmost town in Portugal, it is a seaport from which fish, fruit (especially dried figs), wine, and cork are exported. Tourism now dominates the economy. Important under the Moors, it was retaken in 1249. The old town was surrounded by walls since the Moorish occupation. The vestiges of the past still to be seen in churches and museums. The refreshing verdure of a garden beside the lagoon and the sea.

The outline of noble residences that bear witness to Faro's splendour in centuries past. Narrow streets of whitewashed houses that recall the town's Moorish heritage. These are among the sights to be savoured on a walk around Faro, a city where there is lots to see, to enjoy and to remember.


The city has a public university (the University of the Algarve), an international airport (Faro airport), a seaport, a marina, a railroad station and complete interregional bus services.

The stadium is a 30,000-seater called Estádio Algarve, shared by the neighboring cities of Faro and Loulé, and was one of the sites of Euro 2004. The actual relevant teams of Faro and Loulé are Sporting Clube Farense and Louletano, the locals teams, are not enough to use such a big stadium. Instead they use the smaller municipal stadiums.

The Stadium has been used to concerts, festival and special games, like the ones organized by Luís Figo, for charity issues.

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